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Dr. Darshan Shah speaks on stage and educates people about health and wellness

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The frontier of medicine is no longer limited to combating illness, rather we can optimize the body and mind for a longer, healthier life. Scientists are now learning more in a year than they previously did in a decade, making an unprecedented amount of technology and information available on health optimization, longevity and vitality.  Through a detailed analysis of various aspects of wellness, we can rethink our potential health span and lifespan for an optimal quality of life.

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Become a Modern Nutritionist
You need to know the facts when it comes to macro and micronutrients, and what is the best combination for you, personally.  No one person is the same, so learn how you can self-assess your tolerance of carbohydrates, sugars, fats, and protein.   Get to know the major food trends, and be armed with the latest science to create a new you.
Unlock the Secrets of the Mind
Science has learned more about the human brain in the last 5 years than in all human history.  Dr. Shah helps unlock the secrets of the mind with brief lesson on optimizing your mental function.  How do you know where you currently rank?  Dr. Shah will introduce new kinds of testing and self-assessment so you can know where you stand.
Take Time to Reverse the Process
Hormones start to deteriorate at the age of 30, taking our mental and physical health with them!  What can you do to reverse this process?  Learn if you have a deficiency or imbalance, and what tests you can do to determine this. Options are presented, with the pro’s and cons of each so you can be armed with the latest and best information.

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