YPO Longevity Event

How To Prepare your mind and body to live a longer, healthier life.

Presented By:
Darshan Shah, MD
CEO and Founder of Next Health YPO Beverly Hills Since 2013
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Only In YPO Event On The Future Of Longevity

The frontier of medicine has expanded beyond combating illness; we can now optimize the body and mind for a longer, healthier life. Advancements in science have allowed for an unprecedented amount of technology and information on health optimization, longevity, and vitality. With a detailed analysis of various aspects of wellness, we can rethink the potential for our health span and lifespan and achieve optimal quality of life.

Join Dr. Darshan Shah, founder and medical director of Next Health, for The Longevity Revolution: How to Prepare Your Body and Mind for Your Longest and Healthiest Life.
Dr. Darshan Shah speaks on stage and educates people about health and wellness


Darshan Shah, MD, is a well-known health and wellness specialist, board-certified surgeon, published author, entrepreneur, and founder of Next Health, the world's first and largest Health Optimization and Longevity clinic. With expertise in all body systems, he has performed over 15,000 surgical procedures, including trauma surgery, general surgery, and reconstructive procedures. As a health and wellness specialist, he has advised thousands of patients on how to optimize their well-being and extend their lifespan. Dr. Shah began his training at an accelerated MD program at the University of Missouri and  earned his medical degree at the age of 21, becoming one of the youngest doctors in the United States. He continued his training at the Mayo Clinic, one of the most prestigious medical institutes in the country. After earning his board certification, he opened medical/surgical centers throughout California, started innovative tech companies, created patented medical devices, and advised dozens of startups in medicine, finance, andtech. Dr. Shah’s belief in continual education and self-improvement has earned him alumni status at Harvard Business School, Singularity University, and other prestigious institutions
Dr Shah’s Wellness Wheel (TM)


The Next Health Baseline measures key biomarkers that can indicate an individual’s current health status and “pre-diagnose” diseases years before they occur. This allows individuals to take control of their own health as if they were the CEO. Dr. Shah discusses these key performance indicators (KPIs) of a person’s health and provides optimal ranges, not just disease ranges. He also provides strategies to improve these numbers and avoid disease.

The biomarker panel adds another level of engagement, as everyone will receive their test results at the meeting and be able to follow along with the presentation while personalizing the advice to themselves. Dr. Shah will also have an anonymized scattergram on his slides for each of the results, so people can see how they compare to the rest of their chapter community.

$250 per person user pay or $200 per person if obtained at a chapter level for all attendees.

Includes our team ordering the test at Quest Labs, obtaining the results, and having them available with an “Interpretation Guide” at the time of the talk in personalized sealed envelopes


Event attendees will obtain the following takeaways:

1.  What is the latest status of technology in the field of longevity science. Learn the latest technology and thoughts on every aspect of the wellness wheel, and how you can implement simple steps to optimize your lifespan and healthspan.

2.  What are the root causes of all diseases and how you can utilize modern technology to virtually eliminate disease.

3.  How you can become the CEO of your own health by understanding and following your own biomarkers.

4.  How you can implement the Pareto principle (the 20% of knowledge that makes 80% of the difference) in optimizing your own health in 6 months.

5.  What are the most advanced diagnostics for avoiding an early death f rom cancer, heart disease, and other causes.


Cholesterol Panel
LDL, HDL, Total Cholesterol (8 hours of fasting is preferred for this, but not required)

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
This is a standard group of tests that includes liver function tests, kidney function tests, electrolyte levels

Complete Blood Count
This is a standard group of tests that includes Hemoglobin and white blood cell counts

This is a test of sugar load in the body

This is a measure of inflammation

Hormone Panel
This is a measure of testosterone and estrogen (both men and women should obtain these levels)

Vitamin D

LevelVitamin B12 Level


"Dr. Darshan Shah's heartfelt and candid presentation on longevity resonated deeply with our chapter. As a fellow YPO member, he shared his personal wellness journey with vulnerability, connecting with us in a unique and powerful way. His refreshing focus on health span, combined with a data-driven approach, was precisely the message our group of CEOs needed. Dr. Shah's passion and expertise have inspired transformative change in our lives, empowering us to prioritize our health and well-being. In the short time since his talk, we've seen remarkable progress in our chapter members' wellness journeys, including weight loss, health screenings, and the adoption of healthier lifestyles."

- Brain Moran YPO Baltimore
“Dr. Shah’s presentation was incredibly interesting, informative, and engaging. He communicated complex information in a clear and concise way that everyone in the room could understand. It was one of the best-rated events of the year.”

- Micheal Hansen YPO San Joaquin Valley
“Dr. Shah wowed our group with an engaging and highly informative talk, including lots of actionable advice.”

- Richard Katzman YPO Big Apple Gold