Breast Lift Surgery - Bakersfield | Fresno | Malibu CA

What is a breast lift?

Most people are often confused as to whether or not they need a lift. Don’t worry, we will make sure we make measurements and determine this accurately for you.   Most of the time I find that a simple breast augmentation can eliminate the breast sagging, and a lift is not required.  Since one of my specialties is breast surgery, I will help you decide what will be the best procedure for you.

If you do need a lift, or a reduction, this procedure requires a keyhole type of incision.  This is an incision around the areola and vertically under the areola to the base of the breast.  Sometimes, an additional incision horizontally on the bottom of the breast is also required,   I know this sounds like a lot of incisions, but we will work with you to get them to fade as much as possible over the next year.  It is important, however, to accept that this is NOT a “scarless” procedure, and you will have permanent incision marks.  I have seen, however, many patients fade them so well over the course of 1-2 years that they are barely visible.   Your genetics, how you take care of the incisions, and time will determine the final result.

Often, people require a lift after breast feeding or losing weight and breast tissue.  Gastric bypass patients are also candidates for the lift procedure.  If you have lost weight or breast tissue, we may consider putting an implant in at the same time. Putting an implant in at the same time helps give you more fullness on top of your breast, as well as better cleavage.  We will evaluate if you are a candidate for this  at the time of your consultation.  We will also have you try on some implants to get some idea of approximately what size you will be after the surgery.  If you are getting a reduction, you will not be a candidate for placing an implant at the same time.

How long does the procedure take ?

The lift surgery usually takes about 2 to 3 hours under general anesthesia.   After the surgery you will be able to go home and rest for a few days. Most people are able to return to a low impact job in a few days, or, if you lift heavy items at work, in a few weeks.  We will be seeing you often after the procedure to assure good results and scar healing.  If you have a reduction performed, you will have a drain on each side over night.   We will remove the drain in the office the day after surgery.   With a straightforward  lift, I do not use drain tubes.

What are the risks ?

The most common problems after a lift, reduction, or lift with augmentation surgery is asymmetries after surgery. These are usually very minor and resolve with time.  Very rarely a minor corrective procedure is required after 6 months, and can usually be done under local anesthesia.   Other rare complications, especially rare in our practice, are: hematoma, seroma, infection, nipple sensation loss, keloid formation, widening scars and healing problems.  If you smoke, I cannot perform the procedure on you unless you have completely quit smoking for at least 3 months.

After surgery, you will have to wear a sports bra for the first month.  Then you can go back to underwire bras.  You will be actively taking care of all of your incisions for at least 6 months, and I will show you exactly what to do after your procedure.

What is the approximate cost ?

The cost of the procedure is approximately $6000-$7000 for the lift alone, $10,000 - $11,000 for a lift and augmentation or a reduction. This estimate does include the anesthesia, OR fees, and implant cost.  Financed, this can be as low as $150 to $200 a month!