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A Breast Augmentation, or Breast Enhancement Surgery, is one of the most common procedures I perform. In fact, we perform over 200 of these surgeries a year. Due to our extensive experience with the procedure, we know we can provide you with the superb, long lasting results.

When you see us in the office, I will make multiple measurements on your chest. This is so we can help you choose the right size implant for your body frame. We have all the different sizes of implants available at our office for you to try on. So when you do come for a consultation, be sure to bring a tank top or tight fitting shirt. Its often helpful to bring a friend or significant other to the consult to get his/her opinion and feedback. We are also going to evaluate whether or not you need a lift performed.

Although I can perform all of the different incisions available (nipple, under breast, belly button or armpit), I usually recommend you choose the under the breast incision. I have specially designed surgical instruments that allows me to keep the incision tiny and well hidden. No matter where you choose to have me place the incision, I will work with you for months to make sure it fades away nicely. My goal, as well as yours, is to leave you as scar free as possible!

We also recommend silicone implants, and, in general the High Profile style. Saline implants are filled with salt water, and are extremely safe. This is the same sterile water (also known as Saline) that is put in IV fluids. Saline implants, if placed under the muscle and appropriately filled, feel very soft and natural. The High Profile implant gives you the best projection with minimal width of the implant (the wider the implant the flatter it looks). Silicone implants are filled with a cohesive silicone gel, that is also considered very safe. Silicone implants have been approved by the FDA after extensive testing to verify their safety.

Click here for FDA information on silicone implants.

Once you have chosen a size and incision, we can proceed to surgery! The breast augmentation procedure is my favorite surgery to perform. Usually it takes only an hour of general anesthesia, and you can go home the same day. We use special techniques and medications to control the pain post operatively. Most people are very comfortable when they go home, and are feeling pretty good after a few days. In surgery, I place the implants carefully under the muscle. The careful, meticulous technique that I use will assure you the lowest rate of complications, and, long lasting results. We close the incisions using stitches underneath the skin, to, again, minimize the scar.

After surgery, most women say it feels like their “milk came in” when they were pregnant. You will have adequate pain medication and muscle relaxant to keep you comfortable. You will have a special wrap around your breast for a week, after which time we will have you switch to wearing a sports bra. After about one month, you can go bra shopping and buy underwire type bras.

When you first get out of surgery, you will feel swollen, and the implants will be high up. This is perfectly normal, and goes away after a couple of weeks. Most people are back to a low impact type job after a few days. If you do heavy lifting at work, you may want to take at least two weeks off.

Complications are rare, but can include scar tissue formation (capsular contracture), hematoma, seroma, implant rupture, infection, or asymmetry. Our rate of reoperation after this surgery for a complication is one of the lowest possible. The reasons for this is our technique, and our guidance in preparation for the surgery and long term care. Our goal is the same as yours - to do this surgery once, and do it right!

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