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Lasting Advantages of Bakersfield or Fresno Breast Implants

04-30-2012 - Advantages of Bakersfield or Fresno Breast ImplantsEvery day, women are making the choice to get Bakersfield or Fresno breast implants. However, many women get their breast implants without really considering their future with breast implants. Fortunately, the expectations that you should have are all positive.

Having Bakersfield or Fresno breast implants can enhance your bust making shopping for clothes easier and more exciting. Your new and enjoyable experience with finding clothes will last throughout your lifetime, seeing as your breast implants are a permanent enhancement to your body.

Your breast implants will give you a confidence that you may never have had before. They can make you feel more feminine due to having a more womanly figure, in turn, giving you higher self-esteem. This reflects directly on your personality from a positive self-image.

Breast implants are a permanent surgery that you will have all of your life, unless you choose to ever have them removed or revisioned. When you hire a reputable surgeon to do your breast implants, the chances of ever having to get them revised is minimal.

If you would like to talk more about what you can expect from your future with Bakersfield or Fresno breast implants, contact your surgeon for a consultation.

Bakersfield Breast Implants: What is a Partial Submuscular Placement?

Placement is important when you choose to get breast implants. Some Bakersfield breast implants surgeons may have their suggestions but you should know a little about each placement before you decide on where you’d like your implants to go within the breast area. One of these placements is referred to as a submuscular placement. This placement is when the implant hangs slightly below the muscles.

A partial submuscular placement has its advantages like a lower risk of rippling and of capsular contracture, but it also has some cons. Your Bakersfield breast implants surgeon can go over these further with you. Although some surgeons may not offer this type of muscular placement or they may refer to it as a submuscular placement or a dual plane. You will need to ask them the placements that they are capable of.

Choosing the placement of your Bakersfield breast implants is just as important as all of the other aspects and choices you will have to consider such as breast implant type and incision site. However, don’t let all of the choices that need to be made overwhelm you. Your Bakersfield breast implants surgeon will be able to guide you in all your decisions.

Bakersfield Breast Implant Tips and Discussions: What is Subglandular Placement?

www.DrShah.com - The-Right-Breast-Size-Tips-about-Breast-ImplantsWhen a woman goes into her consultation for Bakersfield breast implants, one of the decisions that she’ll have to make is where she would like the implant placed, over or under the pectoral muscle. Depending on your body type and the way your breasts are naturally, your surgeon may suggest a subglandular placement.

Subglandular placement is when the implant is placed directly behind the breast tissues, yet in front of the pectoral muscle. This method is usually preferred seeing as it is allowing the natural breast tissues to remain in front of the implant. Of course, your Bakersfield or Fresno breast implant surgeon will give you their recommendation as well.

Performing this type of implant placement is usually easier for the surgeon. The subglandular placement allows them to use any of the incision types that are typically used and suggested for breast implants. It also makes for a more comfortable recovery since less breast tissue is being interrupted.

Although your surgeon is going to have a suggestion as to where you should place your breast implants, the decision is ultimately yours. Ask questions about your placement options while in your consultation as well as do a little research prior to your meeting with the Bakersfield or Fresno breast implants surgeon.

4 Facts about Bakersfield Breast Implants: Transaxillary (Armpit Incisions)

Before going to your consultation for Bakersfield or Fresno breast implants, it is best to brush up on your knowledge of the incision types offered. Of course, your surgeon will be capable of giving such information, but it never hurts to do a little research of your own.

One of the common incision types offered is a transaxillary incision, more commonly known as the armpit incision. This incision isn’t one of the most common, but it may be a good option to consider. Here are some facts regarding the armpit incision:

1- When getting Bakersfield breast implants, if you are concerned about having visible scars on your breasts, an armpit incision may be a great choice for you. The scar will be located under the arm relative to the breast.

2- Typically, a surgeon will create channels for the implant to go through from the incision under the arm to its place in the breast.

3- The incision size can vary depending on the implant type chosen, unlike some incision placements.

4- Placing the breast implant where it is wanted should be easier.

An armpit incision can be a great choice for many women. If you would like to hear more about this incision type, talk with your surgeon before getting Bakersfield or Fresno breast implants.

6 Possible Risks Associated with Breast Augmentations Minimized by Bakersfield Breast Implants Surgeon

As with any surgery, there are risks. Of course, it is important to be aware of the risks associated with breast augmentation or for any cosmetic surgery for that matter. However, Dr Shah has the skill to minimize these risks with his advanced techniques. Below are a few of the risks and how we minimize them with Dr Shah performing Breast Augmentation in Bakersfield.

1- Infection- by placing the implant under the muscle using an incision under the breast, there is no contact with breast tissue.  Breast tissue has bacteria in it.  Minimizing contact prevents infections.  We also give you antibiotics to prevent infection before, during and after surgery.

2- Bleeding- the way Dr Darshan Shah performs brast augmentation, he loses almost no blood during the surgery.   After the surgery, following recovery instructions prevents bleeding.

3- Numbness- this is very rare using the under the breast incision and by going under the muscle.  No major nervers are cut, so sensation should remain intact.

4- Deflation- this is very rare, as the implants are made to last a very long time.  If you do have a deflation, Dr Shah can easily replace the implant.

5- Asymmetry- Dr Shah does everything possible to make you look symmetric.  Most women start with some differences before surgery, and these may persist afterwards.

6- Capsular Contraction- this is also very rare with the safe technique Dr Shah uses.

If you find these risks concerning, talk with your Bakersfield breast implants surgeon. They can talk about the chances of suffering from any of these risks and inform you of each one, making sure you understand the risk to you and how to prevent any problems.

If you hire a reputable and experienced surgeon, like a Bakersfield breast implants surgeon, you will be in good hands. Your surgeon will make sure you fully understand the procedure and all risks and even side effects before they perform the procedure.  Dr Darshan Shah can minimize your risks and make it more likely you have the successful result you desire.

Don’t let the risks scare you. Many women get breast augmentations every day and don’t suffer from any risks.

Getting an Areola Incision for Your Bakersfield Breast Implants

Areola Incision - Bakersfield and Fresno Plastic SurgeonAn areola incision may be a popular Bakersfield or Fresno breast implants incision choice, but that doesn’t mean that it has no disadvantages. As with anything, the areola incision has its advantages and disadvantages. However, if you are at all curious as to what many women feel the incision’s disadvantages are, read below.

The areola incision is closer to the breast which can be an advantage for the surgeon performing your Bakersfield breast implants surgery, but it can also lead to a greater risk of infection. The incision is being made right into the breasts’ tissues and ducts, therefore making the risk of infection more likely. The areola incision will also cause for more discomfort in that area. The breasts are already going through major changes and with the incision being made right in the center around the areola, the discomfort may be a bit more intense.

Due to the position of the areola incision, the risk of losing the sensation in your nipples and breasts is slightly higher. Although it isn’t all that common, it is possible.

As you can see, the disadvantages of the areola incision aren’t much worse than any other incision type. If you are worried, consult with your Breast Implants Surgeon in Bakersfield or Fresno.

Why You Should Get Your Breast Implants in Bakersfield or Fresno California

www.DrShah.com - Bakersfield and Fresno Breast Implants Breast implants surgery is a very common procedure performed by the best plastic surgeons in Bakersfield and Fresno. Anyone looking to have plastic surgery wants a reputable plastic surgeon to perform their chosen treatments. That’s why you should get your breast implants in Bakersfield or Fresno!

Getting breast implants in Bakersfield or Fresno by our Doctors will prove to be a great decision. They will afford you comfort and confidence,  their opinion on what type and size of implants that will look best, and they will be sure that you understand every aspect of the surgery. Also they will inform you about the intricacies of procedure as well as post-op after-care dos and donts.

Bakersfield plastic surgeons are typically able to perform any incision you want. However, most may recommend a specific incision for your body and shape and size.

Highly sought-after plastic surgeons in the Bakersfield or Fresno area can be found at the plastic surgery offices of Dr. Shah. Make your appointment to get breast implants in Bakersfield or Fresno today. If your own busy schedule and time availability is spread too thin, perhaps a virtual consultation is in order. By clicking here you can schedule a virtual consultation at your conveniece.

New Year Resolutions: Improving Your Appearance

Are you ready for a new you?
By Dr. Darshan Shah

The new year is upon us and many of you will be making resolutions to improve your appearance, including taking advantage of surgical procedures to eliminate facial lines and wrinkles, scars, sagging skin and unwanted fat.  Proper planning for any type of surgery is important, especially tummy tucks, liposuction and similar procedures designed to transform the appearance of your body.  This includes ensuring that you are at your ideal body weight by the time the surgery takes place.  When your weight is appropriate for your age and height, you will have the best results possible from your surgery.

You can evaluate your own surgery readiness with the Body Mass Index (BMI).  Developed by the World Health Organization, this easy-to-read scale is used to gauge how much your current weight departs from what is considered normal for individuals that are your same height and weight.  To use the BMI scale, first locate your height (in inches) in the left-hand column labeled Height.  Then move right across the column to find your weight.  When you have found your weight, move up the column to the top bar, to find your BMI ranking.  The formula that is used to calculate BMI is a person’s weight in kilograms divided by height in meters, squared (BMI=kg/m2).

In order to achieve the optimum results from plastic surgery, your BMI needs to be less than 30.  This is particularly important for tummy tucks (abdominoplasty) and liposuction, but should also be adhered to when undergoing any type of surgery.  A tummy tuck is the procedure used to eliminate excessive and sagging abdominal skin that can result from extreme weight loss, bariatric surgery such as gastric bypass surgery or pregnancy.  Liposuction is a popular method of eliminating obstinate body fat that has not responded to diet or exercise.  Your plastic surgeon will also want to ensure your BMI is under 30 for procedures such as facelifts, rhinoplasty, brow lift, fat injections, breast lift, breast reduction and many other procedures.

If you are planning a surgery this year and need to lose weight, there are many different methods that can help you accomplish your BMI goals.  One of the simplest programs to implement is the Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid.  This is a tool that is used to help an individual lose weight with a balanced and nutritious diet.  Another popular weight loss program is Weight Watchers, which is based on the way in which your body processes food.  Try to avoid products that promote rapid weight reduction, both due to potential health consequences and the likelihood of regaining the weight after your procedure.  Whatever diet plan you choose, make sure that you are also exercising.  Regular physical activity has many pre-surgery as well as health benefits.  Also remember that before beginning any type of weight loss program, you should visit your physician for a checkup and any tests that may be needed.  This will uncover any medical conditions that may prevent you from losing weight.  

Looking your best this coming year is a worthwhile and obtainable goal.  Our office can provide you with the surgical information that you will need if you are planning a procedure.

“Is there such a thing as just a neck lift?” – Talking with Dr. Brett Lehocky, M.D.

Many patients come to Beautologie Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center to discuss the sagging skin near the jaw line and neck area. Aging, gravity, and environmental factors such as sun exposure, smoking, or dramatic weight loss are all reasons why our skin can become saggy. Generally, if you are having sagging around the neck and jaw, you are probably experiencing deep creases near the nose and mouth, loose skin, and other textural skin issues on the face as well. Therefore, a facelift is actually a more appropriate name because you can’t make the neck look better without involving the face.

People often ask about the title of the procedure, as in mini facelift, traditional facelift, or neck lift. At your consultation we can discuss if, and what, procedure applies to you. The truth is, rather than being concerned about what the procedure is called, we want to help you achieve the results you want. As surgeons at Beautologie, it is our job to find the balance between how much surgery is actually needed to achieve the best looking result.

So, why a facelift instead of a neck lift? The reason we would recommend a facelift instead of just a neck lift has to do with the incisions and where excess skin would go. Our focus is to do what surgery is needed to make the results look good, and the issue with doing a neck lift without a facelift, or mini-facelift, is that you won’t achieve the continuous, smooth result throughout the whole facial area. The excess neck skin will get bunched up underneath the ear, and the results will not be natural looking.

With facelift surgery, the procedure actually exists on somewhat of a spectrum. Some patients may want to simply tighten the loose skin around the neck, and improve deep creases. Others may have quite a bit more loose skin, or jowls; therefore, more surgery is required to remove the excess skin. The important part about facelift surgery is the placement of the incisions, which are concealed around the ear. The incisions are carefully created this way to minimize the appearance of scarring. The skin is separated from the underlying tissue, then slid or glided to achieve the desired result. The excess skin is then removed, the incisions are sutured, and the face is bandaged.

Many people have the misconception that a facelift stretches the skin, and unfortunately that can happen when performed by some surgeons. The skilled surgeons at Beautologie Surgery and Laser Center know that when the skin is stretched, you don’t achieve the natural result that most patients are looking for. We opt for a technique that glides and slides the skin, resulting in a smooth, more youthful appearance without overworking the skin.

Whether you need a neck lift and mini-facelift, or mini-facelift and a half, or a traditional facelift – you are in good hands with Beautologie! Dr. Lehocky is highly experienced in performing facelifts and strongly believes that every patient deserves to benefit from the latest surgery techniques and innovations for the highest-quality plastic surgery experience and the most natural-looking results. “We’ll put ourselves up against anybody down in L.A.,” says Dr. Lehocky. 

Patients are always required to be under anesthesia for this procedure, but it is an outpatient procedure, so no overnight stay is required. On average, patients can return to work in about 10-14 days and should expect swelling, bruising, skin discoloration, and numbing for the first few weeks after facelift surgery. The recovery and downtime are more social than anything else; most patients want to avoid social situations due to how they look, rather than how they feel. Dr. Lehocky tells his patients that when they look in the mirror and think “I can go out tomorrow,” then they are ready!

Every patient is different – from bone structure to skin texture, so the results differ. Many of Dr. Lehocky’s facelift patients say the best compliments they receive are that they look “better or more youthful,” not that they look like they have had a procedure or obviously had a facelift. If you are looking to get a younger and more refreshed appearance that you can enjoy for a long time, make an appointment with Dr. Lehocky or one of the other skilled doctors of Beautologie Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center.