Surprisingly, In-bound Medical Tourism is on the Rise:

Cosmetic surgery has become an international business and skilled plastic surgeons can be found in exotic locations such as Thailand, India, Costa Rica, Panama, and a number of other countries because the costs associated with treatments in such locations are lower. Now we find, growing in popularity world-wide that medical tourism has become a booming business. However, the latest news about medical tourism is the most surprising of all. More and more people are actually coming to the U.S. to find licensed and Certified Plastic Surgeons they can depend on. Especially in the state of California. Due to the growing number of people seeking plastic surgery and Medspa Treatments, Dr. Shah has 3 office locations to better serve you. The Fresno office being one of the most popular.

Very much like procedures for corrective medical care, elective surgeries such as rhinoplasty, liposuction and mommy make-overs have seen a surge in numbers. With the growing number of people seeking beauty and perfection from other countries it is no wonder why the Bakersfield office is growing in popularity just the same.

With inbound medical tourism on the rise, one thing rings true. Evidently, you just can’t compromise peace of mind. Even though other countries claim cheaper services and treatments, more and more people are realizing, that a safe, successful plastic surgery treatment is better off done in the United States. As we look further into the metrics we find that Dr. Shah and his staff are the “go-to” Fresno plastic surgeons of choice.