Singer Kelley Rowland talks about her breast augmentation

Like many women, Kelley Rowland, formerly of Destiny’s Child, was unhappy with her breast size. In the latest issue of Cosmopolitan UK, she described her breasts as “little nuggets for boobs.” In 2007, she decided it was time for a change and had a breast augmentation.

Breast augmentations have long ranked in the top five most popular plastic surgery procedures. In Fresno, breast augmentations can be performed by the accomplished surgeons at the Offices of Dr. Shah.

Kelley told Cosmopolitan that she had the surgery done for herself, not for a man or for her line of work. This is the case for many women who just want to enhance their appearance and transform that into healthy self-esteem. Over the years surgeons have made remarkable improvements in the way breast implants look and feel. You can rely on Malibu breast augmentation doctors to give you the best care.

Kelley loves her breast implants and has no regrets about having the surgery. You too can have a Fresno breast augmentation that you will surely love. A breast augmentation is great way to boost your self-confidence especially if you are just like one of the many women who feel insecure about your breast size. Call for a consultation with Bakersfield Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Shah.